How Can I Listen to My TV Clearly With SIMOLIO Wireless TV Headphones?


Have you noticed that your aging parents have trouble watching TV due to high frequency hearing loss or unequal hearing loss?

There are a variety of wireless TV headphones on the market that claim to be suitable for the hearing impaired or elderly. Many of them just rely on increasing the volume, which will only make people's hearing worse and worse in the long run. SIMOLIO TV headphones with Voice Clarity Technology will bring a new TV experience to you, allowing you to listen to TV at a reasonable volume while allowing the rest of the family to enjoy TV with you at their own hearing level!

In addition, SIMOLIO professional hearing aid headphones also have a number of custom sound design for different individual tailoring, such as Tone selection (bass/ normal/ treble), Mono/ Stereo switching, Balance and Volume control etc.

How can you toggle these buttons to help you enjoy your TV more clearly?

For most age-related hearing loss, high-pitched sounds are harder to hear, in this case, toggling the TONE adjustment to TREBLE can help.

The Mono/Stereo switch is designed for different sound effect requirements. Choose Mono when you need to emphasize sound clarity, and choose Stereo when listening to music.

If the hearing abilities of your two ears are not the same, you can adjust the BAL button on the headset for right/left volume adjustment so that you hear equally well with both ears.

SIMOLIO wirless TV headphonesare designed with Tone, Balance control

In summary, all settings need to be based on setting up your TV correctly, choosing the proper volume for TV internal speaker (you can mute the TV internal speaker by remote control) which can allow the headphones to have an adequate audio signal to  work with. You can choose your private volume by adjust the VOL button on the headset.

Other models of SIMOLIO wireless TV headphones also support the above custom features, they are SM-828D1, SM-824D2, SM-824D1, SM-823D Pro, SM-823 Pro, SM-825D Pro.