Lighting Up Children's World with SIMOLIO Bulk Wired Kids Headphones


Hey there, dear parents and little pals! We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to the SIMOLIO family--our wired kids headphones in bulk mixed colors! Bring more color and joy to the world of music and learning.

SIMOLIO kids headphones bulk mixed color collection is a celebration of diversity. Comes in various colors, each child can pick their favorite shade, adding a personal touch to their audio experience.

Safe Volume Limiter for Hearing Protection

Kids Headphones Wired Hearing Protection

Headphones for kids adopt exclusive proprietary 3-level volume limiter (75dB/85dB/94dB) to protect vulnerable and sensitive ears of children. It can effectively protect children of different ages from progressive hearing loss in different environments. (75dB for toddler, 85dB for kids and 94dB for noisy surroundings).

Perfect for Computer Classroom and Library Use

We firmly believe that color plays a crucial role in a students development, so we've chosen a range of vibrant colors such as playful pink, sky blue, and grass green---each one sparking curiosity and creativity in young minds. They can also create a relaxing learning atmosphere for students.

Featuring a in-line HD microphone, SIMOLIO kids headphone with cord is perfect for interactive learning and online discussions. They can also help students to chat easily with teachers, friends, and parents while they’re busy learning or during downtime.

The foldable design ensures these kids headphones for school can be easily stowed away, saving classroom space and keeping things tidy.

Ideal for Journeys

Not just limited to the classroom, these headphones are also perfect for journeys. As we all know, headphone is a important companion on travel. Adjust the volume limiter to 94dB, this travel headphones can help kids hear music or immersive movie clearly in noisy environments when on airplane or road trips, and wouldn’t damage kids hearing. Each headphone comes with individual cute pouch for easy carrying.

Bulk Fun, Shared Joy

SIMOLIO encourages sharing and collaboration. Those 6pack kids headphones are perfect for group activities. Equipped with 3.5mm audio port on the left headphone, let kids share their favorite tunes or educational content with friends, fostering a sense of sharing and teamwork.

In summary, SIMOLIO kids wired headphones go beyond aesthetics and colors; they emphasize versatile functionality. They provide kids with a safe, comfortable, and delightfully diverse audio experience.

Let's embrace a new era of music and learning together! With SIMOLIO by their side, let's open the door to a whole new audio chapter for our cute boys and girls.