Troubleshooting for the TV Headphones/Speakers with Intermittent Sound


TV headphones and wireless speaker holds a special place among the daily goodies for the old and someone hearing impaired. It brings us closer to our favorite shows and cherished memories through the more clear sound. The TV speaker, serves as our faithful companion, faithfully delivering the voices of our favorite TV program which we like long times ago. However, when this companion starts acting up, and the sound becomes intermittent, it can disrupt our viewing experience and leave us feeling frustrated. In such moments of trouble, it's essential to troubleshoot the issue effectively to minimize any unnecessary hassle.

When troubleshooting sound interruptions in your TV speaker, it's crucial to consider both the television and the TV speaker/headphone.

Firstly, check the volume level. The volume level of TV has an effect on signal strength received by the headphone. We recommend setting the TV volume to at least 30% or higher to ensure a stable signal transmission. A low TV volume can result in an unstable signal base, causing intermittent sound issues, where voices or background sounds may suddenly fade in and out. 

Secondly, make sure the battery is fully charged. When the headphone is used for a long time, it will not suddenly have no sound, but will have two manifestations: one is intermittent sound because of the lack of power, and it will be accompanied by a beeping sound every minutes; the other is that the green indicator on the headset will change from a stable state to a blinking state.

Also, check the interference from electromagnetic equipment. The 2.4G signal used in our products is generally very stable, but if it is too close to a Wi-Fi router or an obstacle, it can be interfered with, which can disrupt the signal transmission between the base and the headset, resulting in an interruption of the sound.

Please pay attention to reboot the device. If you have followed the problem troubleshooting we have given you for the TV and device but still cannot solve the problem, then we recommend you to finally try the following by turning off the TV, the transmitter, and the headset completely, and then turn them back on after a few minutes interval. This will avoid any unnecessary settings that were made to the device by the previous mistake and is also a good way to get the TV and device back together.

Finally, inspect the connection between your TV and the headphones/speakers for any hardware issues. Faulty connection ports or cables can also cause intermittent sound problems. If none of the above methods resolve the issue, check the connection ports and cables for any damage or defects, and replace them if necessary. 

Both the TV and the headphones/speakers contain intricate electronic components, and intermittent sound issues may sometimes stem from underlying hardware problems beyond simple troubleshooting. In such cases, we recommend reaching out to our customer service for prompt and professional assistance to ensure a swift resolution to your issue.

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