TV Has No Standard Audio Output Port or Standard Audio Output Port is Occupied--What to Do?


Are you trying to connect headphones to your TV but fail to find an available audio output? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many people have faced the same frustration. While most headphones for TV support three types of standard connection (optical/RCA/AUX ), which is enough to be compatible with most TVs, there are some special situations.

In this blog, we'll provide some solutions to help you enjoy your favorite shows and movies with TV headphones when your TV lacks a standard output port or the standard output port is occupied.

Situation 1: Your TV Doesn’t Have a Standard Port (Optical/RCA/AUX)

Possible Solution 1: Connect to TV Box

If the TV box (such as a set-top box, cable box, etc.) connected to your TV with a standard output port, you can hook up the wireless transmitter base to your TV box to listen.

Possible Solution 2:Purchase a Digital to Analog Audio Converter (DAC)

If your TV has an available coaxial output port, you can purchase a DAC for connection. Please ensure the audio format of your TV can be set to “PCM”. 

Possible Solution 3: Connect to AV Receiver

If you have an AV receiver connected to your TV, you can purchase a 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter for connection.

Possible Solution 4: Purchase an ARC HDMI Audio Extractor

If your TV only has an HDMI output port or the optical/headphone port is hard to reach, you will need an ARC HDMI Audio Extractor for connection.


Situation 2: Your TV Has a Standard Audio Output Port but is Occupied by Another Device

Possible Solution 1: Choose SIMOLIO TV headphones with by-pass function

If the optical/RCA/AUX output port of your tv is occupied by a soundbar or speaker, we recommend you purchase SIMOLIO wireless TV earphones SM-828D series and wireless TV headphones SM829D series which have by-pass feature, allowing you and your family to hear TV from headphone and soundbar at the same time.

Possible Solution 2: Purchase a Splitter

If your TV has optical or 3.5mm AUX output port but is already occupied by another device, you can purchase an optical splitter or headphones splitter for connection.

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