Upgrade Your TV Listening Experience with SIMOLIO Low Latency Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter


Are you still watching TV with old-fashioned wired headphones due to your TV lacking Bluetooth capability? Or have you ever had trouble with audio delay and sound break up when you watch TV with wireless headphones?

Well, all these problems can be resolved with SIMOLIO Bluetooth transmitter JH-201D .

SIMOLIO Bluetooth Transmitter JH-201D

What is the difference between SIMOLIO Bluetooth transmitter and others on the market?

Regular Bluetooth transmitters surely can add Bluetooth compatibility to non-Bluetooth device to achieve wireless audio streaming, but they are not suitable for watching TV as they can’t fix the audio latency. While, SIMOLIO Bluetooth transmitter can do that. And numerous unique advantages make it the best choice for your TV viewing.

1. No More Audio Delay, Perfect Visual-Audio Sync
Lip sync delay can be extremely annoying when watching TV. Our Bluetooth adapter for TV adopts Qualcomm aptX Low Latency technology, minimizing the audio lag to an unnoticeable level for most ears (<40ms latency) and ensuring synchronized sound. Note: To achieve low latency, your headphones must also support aptX low latency. If not, you can purchase SIMOLIO aptX LL Bluetooth Headphone JH-716B.

Additionally, the Bluetooth audio transmitter also adopts aptX HD tech for high-definition music enjoyment.

SIMOLIO Bluetooth Transmitter JD-201D Low Latency

2. Extended Range, Stable Connection
The class 1 Bluetooth and optimized antenna ensure steady signals and extend the Bluetooth range up to 197 ft/60m (6X than regular BT transmitter). Enjoy seamless audio without worrying about sound breakup, no matter where you are in your house!

SIMOLIO Bluetooth Transmitter JD-201D Long Range

3. Dual Connection for Double the Joy
Do you want to share the fun of TV watching with your partner without disturbing others but your TV only supports one headphone? Fear not, this Bluetooth transmitter can help you to connect two headphones to your TV at the same time.

SIMOLIO Bluetooth Transmitter JH-201D Dual Stream

4. Wide Compatibility
You can connect the Bluetooth transmitter to almost any TV via the standard optical/RCA/3.5mm AUX cable.

SIMOLIO Bluetooth Transmitter JH-201D Wide Compatibility

5. Visual Codec Display
The clear panel design display allows you easily to identify the pairing mode, making pairing no longer blind.

Enhance Your wireless TV view experience with SIMOLIO Bluetooth audio transmitter right now! For more SIMOLIO Bluetooth adapters, please click here.