Elevate Learning Experience for Your Children with SIMOLIO Kids Headphones


In the digital age, children are exposed to a vast array of educational resources through a variety of devices. To make the most of these opportunities while ensuring their safety and comfort, it's vital to invest in quality accessories. One of the best is SIMOLIO Kids Headphones with Microphone SM-KD-1

Why SIMOLIO Kids Headphones?

SIMOLIO Kids-Headphones with Microphone for School

1. Safe Listening

SIMOLIO Kids Headphones for School are designed with the health of young ears in mind. With a volume limiter (75/85/94dB) for different age groups and environments, these headphones ensure that the audio remains at a safe level, preventing potential damage to your child's hearing. This feature provides peace of mind for parents who want to prioritize their child's well-being.
SIMOLIO Kids-Headphones with Microphone for School 330

2. Rotation Boom Mic & One-Key Mute Button

SIMOLIO stereo headphones for kids come with a noise canceling boom microphone featuring a remarkable 330-degree rotation which allows your child to adjust the microphone to their preferred angle, facilitating clear communication and creating an immersive learning experience.

Another handy feature is the one-key mute button which allows your child to instantly mute the microphone, providing a quick and easy way to control audio during virtual classes or online discussions or gaming.

SIMOLIO Kids-Headphones with Microphone for School Comfortable

3. Grown-up Design for Comfortable Wearing

Equipped with the retractable headband makes these SIMOLIO Headphones fit both kids and adults. The lightweight and adjustable design that ensures a snug fit without causing fatigue. The soft over-ear ear cushions add an extra layer of comfort, making these headphones ideal for prolonged educational sessions and online gaming.

SIMOLIO Kids-Headphones with Microphone for School Durable

4. Durability Tested

Children are blessed with boundless energy as well as idle hands. Designed with durability in mind, these headphones are built to withstand the rigors of daily use by active children. The flexible headband with memory stainless steel strips gives these wired headphones for studying some impress flexibility and durability.
Wide Compatibility

5. Wide Compatibility

These kids headphones with microphone compatible with devices featuring a 3.5mm jack. The included Y-audio adapter enables connectivity to the audio and microphone ports of desktop computers, this additional accessory enhances the headphones' versatility, allowing seamless connectivity to different devices and expanding the range of educational applications your children can explore.

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With the carrying bag, ensuring that your children can continue their educational journey even when on the move. No matter on a road trip or a family vacation, these headphones are a perfect companion.