New Arrival! SM-829D1 SM-829D2 Over-Ear Single and Dual Headphones TV Set


SIMOLIO recently unveiled the two models (SM-829D1/SM-829D2) of over ear wireless headphones designed for TV watching, adding new members to its family of TV assistive listening devices (headphones and speakers) that could redefine your TV entertaining moments, especially for seniors and the elderly.

So what’s new with these over ear TV headphones?

1. Super easy and convenient charging

Charging is essentially ungraded compared to our previously over ear model TV wireless headphones SM-825D Pro that only supports USB charging. The transmitter base also serves as a charging stand. Simply put the headphones back onto the headphone stand. No further complicated action is required. 

2. Two levels of clear dialogue modes

Bluetooth headphones for tv watching with EQ

To better cater to the needs of people fighting with hearing difficulties, these newly released TV digital headset system has in place two presets of clear dialogue modes (clear dialogue mode shortened and printed as T1 or D on the base, clear dialogue plus mode, represented as T2 or D+ on the base) to replace former version of 3 tone presets (bass, normal, treble) among of our wireless TV hearing aid devices. Hearing impaired people, especially the elderly who are confronted with aging-related hearing problems, can choose among these presets to complement the loss in mid and high tones. 

3. Simultaneous audio transmission to the earphones and your wired sound bar

Bluetooth headphones for tv watching with Bypass

TV’s only got one digital audio out jack and cannot get headphones and soundbar to connect to TV at the same time? This will no longer be a problem thank to the by-pass feature of the transmitter base, which seamlessly connects your headphones, and soundbar or other wired stereo system to your TV, and allows both sets of external TV speaker system to have the same audio output from TV simultaneously! 

4. Upgraded comfort

Thanks to the ergonomic design and oval-shaped earmuffs, you can enjoy hours of immersive listening without sacrificing ease. Over ear can surely be a good alternative to those who are sensitive to the weight or who are sick of the discomfort of under-the-chin earbuds for TV.

Like SIMOLIO’s earlier in ear series of TV assistive listening headphones, this newly released series again chooses 2.4GHz as its transmission frequency. While Bluetooth indeed sounds a better and more modern solution to solve or simplify compatibility problems, 2.4GHz still stands as a more user-friendly solution to technically challenged people who hope to have truly plug-and-play TV headphones. However, if Bluetooth is the primary concern when it comes to choosing TV headphones, check SIMOLIO JH-726B Bluetooth headphones for TV.

Check more information of SIMOLIO SM-829D1 or SM-829D2 over ear wireless headphones that might be a perfect Christmas or new year treat to your elderly parents or relatives.